Fire Hazard!

Who doesn't want to hide the unsightly wires from their TV? I know I don't want to see the power cord, and HDMI cables dangling on my wall, nor do I want my kids playing with them and possibly damaging my TV. While done properly, hiding these cords in the wall can be perfectly safe, put putting the power cord from your TV and other home theater devices can be a real fire hazard. The fire hazard exists because the power cord is not designed for the higher temperatures generated from hiding the power cord being crammed in the tight spaces in your wall.

So how do you get the power to the TV if you can't put the power cord in the wall? There are two fairly inexpensive methods that can be done to safely get power to your devices. The first and most obvious is to hire an electrician to add an outlet behind your TV that you can plug the TV into, and then you can safely run the HDMI cord in the wall. The other option is a Power Bridge, which will allow you to safely run power through the wall without the need for an electrician.

We all want our homes to look good, but don't get so hung up on saving a few bucks that you put you and your loved ones at risk. Let Smart Choice Audio Video help you with your TV mounting and cable management needs.

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